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Book Prize

Book Prize for 2021

The American Institute of Pakistan Studies is soliciting books (single authored monographs, no edited volumes) published during the last three years, or nearly published books (galleys must be available) for the annual AIPS book prize.

** Please note that this is an academic book prize (literary fiction/short stories are not appropriate for this prize) and only English language books are eligible at this time. 

The award recipient will receive a monetary prize from AIPS ($1,000). In addition, AIPS will recommend the manuscript for publication in Pakistan with an appropriate press. Publishing in Pakistan is strongly encouraged but not a condition of the award. A publication subvention may be provided, as necessary. This award is funded by unrestricted funds and is not supported by United States federal grant funds.

A prize committee will determine the awardee and can choose to designate no winner in any given year if worthy submissions are lacking. Applicants in all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

See past awardees here.

Deadline for the 2021 AIPS Book Prize: TBD, Winter 2020

To Apply
Please send four copies of each submitted book to the address below along with the following information (form attached):

Book Title
Preferred Contact Method

AIPS Book Prize Committee
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1300 University Avenue
B488 Medical Science Center
Madison, WI 53706

Evaluation Criteria:

1) Depth and accuracy of the research
2) Potential to attract new students and scholars to Pakistan Studies
3) Potential to integrate Pakistan studies more fully into vibrant disciplinary and interdisciplinary discussions
4) Innovativeness of approach
5) Clarity and elegance of writing