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Facilitations Request

How to Request AIPS Program Facilitation Services

AIPS offers program facilitation services. These services can be contracted by an individual or an institution/university who is looking to request AIPS assistance for programming in Pakistan. Programs includes facilitation for conferences, workshops, lectures and other events in Pakistan where AIPS staff is assisting with logistics and planning for the event or offers staff effort, vehicle, or other services.

AIPS will entertain reasonable applications for contracts from academic individual scholars who do work in and on Pakistan, academic institutions of higher learning, and in some cases, from other institutions. AIPS will prioritize awarding contracts to AIPS individual members or faculty members from AIPS institutional members. Prior to submitting a contract request, please contact to ensure that AIPS can offer the services you request.

Information regarding facilitations services:
• All requests for AIPS Program Facilitation must be made at least 2 months in advance of the contract begin date.
• If you are applying for a grant that will include AIPS services, a contract must be in process prior to the submission of your grant. AIPS is not liable to offer services that
have not been contracted prior to the submission of a third-party grant or contract.
• AIPS member institutions’ requests are prioritized when AIPS reviews contract requests.
• Requests must minimally include Budget, Scope of Services to be Provided that give detailed information on the proposed program. If there is no contract provided by requesting individual or university, a contract will be supplied by AIPS.
• For the Scope of Services, include a document containing a narrative of the scope of services that includes a narrative of the services you are requesting and clearly explains the program locations, lodging dates, lodging locations, ground transportation needs, etc. Please also include a list of names, contact information and institutional affiliation for anyone for whom AIPS will be facilitating travel. Please provide as much detail as possible.
• The budget must detail all expenses that will be incurred by AIPS.
• If you are requesting accommodations at an AIPS guest house or use of AIPS car/driver or security services, please contact AIPS ( for the current rates.
• Accommodations at AIPS guest houses and AIPS car services are subject to availability and AIPS members (institutional and individual) will be prioritized.
• AIPS will charge 10% indirect costs against actual expenses. Please include this on your budget.
• Upon review of your budget and services being requested, AIPS will determine if this rate will be sufficient or if additional fees or staff time will be needed.
• AIPS will also review your budget for accuracy and practicality. Please allow one-two weeks for this review process. Finally, please send AIPS any flyers or links for the program under contract as AIPS may include them in member announcements.

Rates for Institutions who have Facilitations Agreements with AIPS and AIPS member institutional faculty who ARE NOT an AIPS Individual Member:
As of 10/1/18 rates are as follows:
o $50/night for nightly accommodations, includes breakfast
o $50/day for secure car & driver for up to 8 hours
o $40/airport transfer (one-way)
o Any additional services (laundry, etc., are charged separately)
Note: Rates are subject to change. Please contact the AIPS office in Pakistan for current rates.

AIPS will not review incomplete requests. If AIPS is able to assist with your program and there is an agreement on the budget and scope of services, a contract will be provided.

Due to resource limitations, not all requests for facilitation services will be approved. We strongly recommend contacting AIPS in advance of submitting a request. It is your responsibility to prepare and submit a timely request to AIPS well in advance of any deadline on the end of the requestor.

Typical facilitation services provided by AIPS:
Airport transfers
AIPS guesthouse lodging (limited)
Hotel arrangements in major cities in Pakistan
Domestic flights/ground travel in Pakistan
Secure driver/car
Secure mini-van for larger groups in Pakistan
Purchasing of equipment in Pakistan (computers, etc.) for third-party institutions in Pakistan
Secure/rent venues at local institutions