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John Richards South Asia Book Prize

John Richards South Asia Book Prize -- AHA

Dear Friend and Colleague of John Richards,

John F. Richards passed away in 2007. His premature loss deprived us of a true scholar someone who in just under 40 years wrote close to ten books and more than 100 articles, publications that formatively shaped scholarship on the Mughal Empire and early-modern India. From the 1990s, John began contributing more broadly to environmental and world history. His departure also robbed many of us of a mentor and, above all, a dear friend.

When the American Historical Association announced its support for an endowed South Asian history book prize in John's name, John's friends, colleagues, and former students rejoiced! The John Richards South Asian History book prize is a fitting way both to honor the memory of John and to nurture and promote the place of South Asian history in the American academy.

There was one little caveat, however. We had to raise $50,000 by the end of 2010.

Over the past year, a committee of individuals has been hard at work collecting contributions from John's former colleagues and friends. This has brought us to the half-way mark. Lately, however, these efforts have stalled. To rally support for the remaining push, we, all doctoral students of John Richards, would like to issue a personal appeal to you to help extend John's legacy by donating as generously as you are able and willing in what, undoubtedly, are tough economic times for everyone. We need your help, and we sincerely hope you will respond to this appeal. A pledge form is attached.

To learn more about John Richards's distinguished career and frequently asked questions about the fund-raising drive please follow this link:


Joseph Arlinghaus (Duke, 1988)
Richard Eaton (Wisconsin, 1972)
Munis Faruqui (Duke, 2002)
Kelli Kobor (Duke, 1998)
Sunil Kumar (Duke, 1992)
Harlan Pearson (Duke, 1979)
Pamela Price (Wisconsin, 1979)