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Fellows 2010-11

Regular Fellowships: Funded by Council of American Overseas Research Centers
*Funding provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State through a grant from the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC).


Christiansen, Samantha

Field: History
Project Title: United for Pakistan? Shared Ideas of Nationalism Among Students in East and West Pakistan in the 1960s
Affiliated Institution: Northeastern University
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral
Abstract    Final Report

Jamison, Gregg

Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Seal Production in the Indus Civilization: A Comparative Analysis of Art, Technology, and Power
Affiliated Institution: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral
Abstract    Final Report

Rouse, Shahnaz

Field: Sociology
Project Title: Landscape of Desire: Memory and History in the Life of Lahore
Affiliated Institution: Sarah Lawrence College
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral
Abstract    Final Report

Singh, Sunit

Field: Sociology of Religion
Project Title: Social Transformation in Fin de Siècle Punjab
Affiliated Institution: University of Chicago
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral
Abstract    Final Report

Tilley, Brian

Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Registering Injustice: Religious Narrative and Ritual Expression in a Shia Migrant Labor Community
Affiliated Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral, 6 months, Abu Dhabi
Abstract     Final Report

Short-Term Fellowships: Funded by Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan

Bhatti, Robina

Project Title: Everyday life of AfPak
Affiliated Institution: CSU Monterey Bay
Abstract    Final Report

Candland, Christopher

Project Title: Faith and Welfare: Religious Philanthropy in Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: Wellesley College
Abstract    Final Report

Fair, Christine

Field: Security Studies
Project Title: Representing Pakistan’s Security Threat: A View from Pakistan’s Professional Military Publications
Affiliated Institution: Georgetown University
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral, two months, Pakistan
Abstract     Final Report

Huacuja, Isabel

Field: History
Project Title: Listening In: Radio in India and Pakistan, circa 1936 -1973
Affiliated Institution: University of Texas at Austin
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral, five months, Pakistan
Abstract     Final Report

Lindstrom, Katie

Project Title: A New Comparative Study of Harappan Style Ceramics from India and Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Abstract     Final Report

Pue, Sean

Project Title: N. M. Rashed and Modernism in Urdu Poetry
Affiliated Institution: Michigan State University
Abstract     Final Report

Ronkin, Maggie

Project Title: Making Sense of the Past in the Present: Storying Diasporic Identities of African-Pakistanis
Affiliated Institution: Harvard University
Abstract     Final Report